So, you want to write for us huh? How exciting!

TravelFreaks is all about sharing travel tips & experiences that provide real value to our readers, so we gladly accept (and encourage) guest posts.

But first thing is first.

As you’ve probably noticed (i hope you did, and not just blindly looked for the “write for us” page), we value our readers and only post high quality content. We expect no less from our guest posts.

“Why should I write for you?”

  • You get to help other (aspiring) travelers. There’s a reason why this is number 1 on the list. Helping fellow travelers is the main goal of TravelFreaks. We hope you share the same goal.
  • Exposure. The goal of TravelFreaks is to become the (digital) home for travelers. We’re growing in a great pace, and you can get to be a part of it and reach thousands of readers, if not more (it depends on the quality of your post as well 🙂 ). Plus we allow a few links pointing to your own blog or website – great for SEO.
  • Meet like-minded people. We’re all here because we love to travel. You’ll get a chance to interact directly with a community of travelers or travel lovers. Who knows, you might find here your next travel partner, find your next travel destination or just find someone to grab a beer with.
  • Product promotions. Do you have a travel-related product/service you want to promote? Tell us about it & what value it provides to the traveler. If we see real value in the product, we might feature it in our travel resources page.
  • Enquiries & Introductions. Want to reach out to someone from the industry, but not sure who or how to approach them? We might be able to hook you up.

We don’t pay money for guest posts. That’s not how we do things around here. But if you consider all the benefits above, you’ll realize that the ROI of your guest post will be a lot higher than just a fixed price for a random guest post. Everybody wins – especially you.

“What should my post look like?”

Like we said, quality comes first. Don’t expect to send us a 500 half-assed post you wrote in 10 minutes and expect us to approve it.

In order for your post to get published, it has to be:

  • Unique. Every post is thoroughly tested for rip-offs (save us the inconvenience)
  • Attention grabbing. The headline is responsible for 50% of the value. If you get this wrong, no one will bother reading your post. So if it’s boring, don’t bother sending it to us.
  • Interesting. Please don’t tell us about your wonderful experience at the Eifel tower…
  • Desirable. Simply ask yourself: “Will readers want to share this page with their friends?” If the answer is no, then it’s not good enough.
  • Actionable. We ADORE posts that are highly practical, and encourage readers to do X, Y, Z to achieve a result. Check out the agile way for saving money post to get an idea of what we mean.
  • NOT BORING. Yes, we already said interesting. We’re just rephrasing it again to highlight the importance. Don’t write like you’re talking to someone from the financial industry.
  • Detailed. It should be between 1,000-3,500 words – depending on the type of post.
  • Inspirational. Are you getting paid to travel? Did you find a way to live in Singapore for $50 a day? Did you travel the world on a bicycle?  You get the idea…
  • Structured & Organized. Depending on the type of post –  make sure your post is divided into sections and has a consistent flow.
  • No gramar & speling mistaces!
  • Digestable. Think bullet points, images, examples, videos, rich content etc’.

Just take a look at our posts to get an idea.

“What’s the process? How do I pitch a post?”

Just send us the post headline you’re thinking about writing (plus 2-3 alternatives), and a description of your post (preferably the post introduction). You should send the post to: rafael -at- travelfreaks -dot- net

If it’s accepted, we’ll ask you to send us a draft in 7 days. The post might go through several revisions before we post it, so be prepared to make the necessary adjustments. Again – quality is what matters. That said, make sure your post meets the guidelines above.

“What topics can I write about?”

We’re open to many travel topics & subtopics. Just take a glance at our categories page to get a rough idea of what might be relevant.

A very partial list of topics includes:

Traveling cheap:

  • How to travel cheaper, smarter, better etc’.
  • How to find cheap flights & accommodation
  • How to find non-touristic areas
Lessons learned on the road
  • Struggles, mistakes, pains & solutions.
  • Benefits of travel to/from/with/by …
  • Recommendations for others

Travel with…

  • Tips for traveling solo
  • How to travel with a boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife
  • How to find a travel partner/group

Planning your trip

  • How to plan your trip
  • How to settle in a new location for a long period
  • How to remain flexible when traveling

Places to visit

  • Off-the-beaten-path places to visit
  • Cheap/free places to visit (in exchange for help)

Making money while traveling

  • How to make money while traveling
  • How to become a digital nomad
  • Creating a business while traveling

Settling in new places

  • Affordable places to stay in for longer durations
  • How to learn the native language or native skills faster
  • How to socialize & meet new friends when traveling

If you have any other topic in mind feel free to offer it to us.

Post length

The post length depends on the type of post you have in mind. If it’s a how-to or list-post, then we prefer in-depth, longer, detailed posts, in the 1,500-3,500 range (longer than that is also ok as long as it’s informative and without any fluff).

If it’s a post suggesting places to visit that aren’t widely known, then a post of 1,000 – 2,000 is preferred.

The reason we like longer posts is that we want our content to be highly valuable, detailed, evergreen content that provides real value, and passes the “will this information be valuable 1/2/3 years from now?” test.

Notice that even though we prefer longer posts, this isn’t at the expense of quality. We prefer a trimmed down 1,500 word, to the point post than a 3,500 word post that is full of unnecessary fluff just to “fill the gaps”.

“What do I do after the post is published?”

We’ll update you when the post is live. For our common interests – we expect you to:

  • Share the post with your email list/social media followers & friends.
  • Engage with readers & commenters. Answer their questions & reply to their comments
  • Respond to comments on your social media links promoting the content.

Looking forward hearing from you!

The TravelFreaks.