What is TravelFreaks Logo?

First, let’s start with what it’s NOT:

TravelFreaks is NOT another boring-ass travel site talking about “how much fun i had the other day in the Eiffel tower“,  or “What i ate today for breakfast in Rome“, or any other self-centered junk.

It’s also not yet another blog with unpractical travel tips that everybody has heard of already.

We don’t care about any of that. There are plenty of other websites & blogs talking about these type of things if that’s what you’re looking for.

Ok, so what is it?

Glad you asked. 

TravelFreaks is a digital home for all you enthusiastic travelers (and aspiring travelers). It’s a place you can share, learn & connect with other fellow travelers.

Whether you’re a backpacker, traveling entrepreneur, nomad (digital/non-digital), business traveller, adventure junkie, expat, or whether you’ve spent the last few years daydreaming about traveling – our goal is to bring you closer towards your travel goals, and help you travel a lot cheaper, smarter, and, well, a lot more…

Why dread the “What if’s?” & the (false) consequences of going on your trip, instead of learning directly from “established” travel freaks how they do it, so you can follow their footsteps  & hopefully encourage others to follow yours.

We believe in the wisdom of the crowd. Two heads are better than one, dozens of travelers all over the world is even better.

Who is behind TravelFreaks Logo?

We’re just a small group of travel freaks on a mission to connect the world. Just kidding, that’s Facebook’s goal… 

Our mission is to connect travelers with each other, and with their travel goals.

We traveled around the world for business, for pleasure, for both business & pleasure.

We traveled solo, with friends & with strangers.

We’ve been on the road for days, months & years at a time.

We’ve slept in luxury hotels, couchsurfed & slept on airport benches.

We’ve done it all, and we still do.

Now we’re here to share the tricks, provide the tools, introduce you to the places to visit & inspire you to go do it yourself, and better!

Why do we care?

During our travels we got to meet a lot of amazing travelers. But unfortunately we got to meet a lot more aspiring travelers that are stuck in a rut and living lives of quiet desperation – simply because they don’t know how to reach their travel goals. 

We finally decided enough is enough.

Instead of creating yet another blog of non-actionable, boring travel tips – we decided  our years of experience on the road to help travelers & aspiring travelers discover their limitless possibilities for living a travel lifestyle, or simply travel a lot better, smarter & cheaper.

We think it’s about time we debunk those horrible travel myths:

  • “Traveling is too expensive”
  • “You can’t travel now – you’ll lose your job/you’ll get fired”
  • “I don’t have a partner to travel with”
  • “I don’t have time to travel”
  • “I’ll travel when i’ll have… [fill in blank]” 

Sound familiar? It surely does to us… The problem is we believed it.

Until we proved the opposite.

Unfortunately many still do. We’re here to change that.

We want to help you prove it yourself, and help you avoid the trap of believing this crap.  (Nice rhyme 🙂 )

We’re lucky enough to live in a time where travel opportunities are endless, affordable & accessible – even for the little guy/girl (hey, that’s us!).

Travel doesn’t have to be a once-a-year escape from your boring-*ss life. It doesn’t have to be something you delay to “sometime in the future” (you know when “sometime” arrives right?).

We’re here to prove it, but more importantly – encourage you to prove it yourself.

What do we have to offer?

Besides hugs & kisses – we share a lot of the travel experiences, lessons & tricks learned over the years by the best Travel Freaks wandering around our little blue world.

You’ll hear stories of how normal day-to-day people (without  any superpowers) were able to live a travel lifestyle, become location independent, travel the world while still keeping their day job & live anywhere in the world…

But most importantly – how you can do the same.

That’s exactly the kind of things we’ll be talking about here 🙂

“Cool. Now What?”

Of course it’s cool!

Now my friend, time to get the ball rolling.

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And don’t forget to…

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TravelFreaks is all about you freaks.

If you have any feedback, questions, topic suggestions, or any weird request – please tell us about. We’re asking nicely, so step up and do it!

And of course, if you’re an experienced Travel Freak and have some great travel tips, hacks & insights to share – then please tell us about it! We’ll share it with everyone & help you educate the rest of us travel dummies.

We wish you a pleasant journey 🙂

The TravelFreaks